Split screen and Drag and drop

Apple has made it quite simple when talking about the iPad, the use of two applications simultaneously on the screen thanks to a split sreen function and split view.
Consequently, the function of Drag and Drop is useful, which in the case of this app allows to export the budget to its status and in its total using this last function.
Below some example screens shots to make the idea better.

In the upper part in the center of the "budget" view you will see three small points, selecting them you will get this view where in the same position the options for the "split view" appears.

Now you can choose niche app open to use in split screen.

At this point, making a long pressure on the Budget that I want to export with "drag and drop" by releasing the contents on the files app in the "On My iPad" directory, you will see the result as the screen shots above.
The result in this case, since only a forced TXT file exports, it will be a TXT file in the Drop directory, as from the Screen Shots.

This work also for drop text on Notes or other app that accept "Drag and drop" for a text content.