Use exports as reports

Saturday 3 April 2021

One thing I always wanted as an end user was a simple application to manage a given budget.
Starting from this budget, I can scale the expenses made, which referred to the budget itself, to have a precise list of when and how I spent my money for a given purpose, namely the budget.
This app had to be as simple as possible, it didn't have to be the usual budget manager app to manage monthly, yearly expenses with complex expense categories or recurrences etc,, none of this.
The “Micro Budget Manager” was born on this basis, which includes various summary and export possibilities for each individual budget.
I focus on this aspect, because lately I have used my app just to have an accurate account for the entire cycle of expenses I have incurred for the renovation of my home.
How to do..??
From the budget in question, using the export options at the top of the navigation bar, I produced a beautiful report in .Pdf format that collects all the budget spending info.

The developer