Dark mode

Modena - Italy: Monday 12 April 2021

"Dark mode"

At first, when Apple presented the "Dark mode", I thought it was a feature of iOS, very, very interesting, especially because, even the applications, when the mode in use on the device changed, would change at the same time.
Beautiful, just beautiful.
Then I started wondering if it would be worth it to implement each of my applications so that it would benefit from this feature but above all if it was just an aesthetic factor or not.
Well, after the first steps to implement "Dark mode" in my app I noticed three things.
The first was that, a correct implementation of this feature, especially in apps that have a simple UI, greatly improve the result of the final design.
The second is that, in any case, something more can be offered to the end user and the “Dark mode” is not just a simple extra feature and that's it.
The third is that especially in the evening, the use of “Dar mode” on Apple's iOS devices is certainly very relaxing so why not give the same opportunity to the users of my apps .. ??

The "Dark mode" in my opinion is a right and useful feature that Apple wanted for its devices and I believe that every app should support it.

Garzie - Matteo
The Developer